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Terms & Conditions – AV

Terms & Conditions – AV

The rules of the game

These terms and conditions relate to goods or service offerings which you choose to use Compex (Pty) Ltd for. Please familiarise yourself with a couple of simple terms and conditions which govern our service offering to you .If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to e-mail me directly.


All audio-visual equipment is quoted on the basis of a per hire. The hire period includes the build-up period, unless stipulated, in writing, to the contrary.

All items are on hire and remain the property of Compex and their respective suppliers, unless specifically referenced as being sold to the client. The client is responsible for the full replacement cost of any damage or loss, irrespective of how such damage or loss occurred. All hired items are the responsibility of the hirer until collected by Compex or our appointed supplier.

Compex will only take responsibility for the installation of their own equipment. Compex takes no responsibility for transporting equipment or merchandise that belongs to the HIRER or any other service provider.

The quotation is subject to availability of equipment and crew and requires acceptance by the HIRER at least 5 work days (Mon-Fri) prior to the event start date.


The Client may make available to Compex renderings, designs, drawings, pictures, plans, images and other materials (“Materials”).

Compex will use the Materials to fulfill the contract but not outside of it without written permission from the Client. The Materials remain the property of Client and all rights (including intellectual property rights) are reserved by the Client.

Compex will not be responsible for any wear or tear occasioned or any loss or theft that may occur. All such material is supplied at the clients own risk and no liability for any financial restitution for any direct or indirect value is accepted nor any consequential loss.

Where materials are required from the Client in order to fulfil the contract, Compex shall not be liable for any delays or extra expenses resulting from a failure by the Client to provide the required materials in a timely manner.


The client is responsible to ensure that all hired items from the commencement of the installation / build to the conclusion of the breakdown / strike are adequately insured, in order to cover the full replacement cost of such items for damage and / or loss as stated in the above clause.

Compex cannot be held responsible for damage, injury or loss caused by accident, theft or an act of God, nor for any consequences of power outages or surges. The HIRER will be responsible for their own insurance.


The HIRER is responsible to ensure that all material belonging to the HIRER is removed from the installation prior to strike. The HIRER is responsible for the arrangement of transportation and labour for this function. Compex is not responsible for any material or items left by the HIRER, unless a specific written agreement to this effect has been concluded.

The client is responsible for the arrangement of their own transportation and labour for this function. Compex is not responsible for any material or items left on-site by the client, unless a specific written agreement to this effect has been agreed upon.

If the build-up and breakdown occurs on Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays or necessitates commencement before 06:00 or after 18:00 (including travel time, we have the option to charging an additional R 75 per crew member, per hour.


Additional costs which are levied by the venue or organiser will be for the account of the client. For example, Access levies, Performance Bonds, Damage Deposits, Electrical Supply, Inspections, if incurred, will be invoiced to the client after the event.

The HIRER is responsible for all additional costs, inclusive of cherry pickers, that may be incurred due to technical as well as other requirements that may be included within ‘Tech-Riders’ submitted by entertainers, performers etc.


All designs, drawings, renderings, pictures, plans are the property of Compex and all copyright and intellectual property rights therein vest exclusively in Compex. Any unauthorised copying, adapting, use, transmission, reproduction or reverse engineering thereof, for whatever purpose and by whatever means, whether in full or in part, without prior written consent of Compex is prohibited. Anyone who uses, distributes or makes infringing copies of this design will be guilty of an infringement of copyright.

Client IP shall remain the property of the Client and all rights are reserved by them. Compex may utilise Client IP in fulfilling the contract but not outside of it without written permission from the Client.

The pictures we use in this hiring catalogue are for illustrative purposes only, we reserve the option to provide a suitable alternative depending upon our stock availability. We will,

however, notify the hirer of this, prior to the confirmation of order.


The signed acceptance form indicates acceptance of this proposal. If appropriate this must be accompanied by the clients Purchase Order. A 50% deposit is also due upon signature.

An invoice for this amount will be presented, and payment is required within 30 days

Full payment is required prior to the completion of the build-up. Internationally based clients are required to pay 100% of the projected total 30 days prior to the commencement of the build-up. Upon completion of the project the client will be invoiced or refunded, as appropriate, depending upon the final project specifications. This final payment / credit must be made within seven (7) days following the conclusion of the event. Any outstanding payments will be subject to interest based upon the prime rate as quoted by Standard Bank. Any amounts unpaid by the HIRER as per the above shall bear interest at the rate of prime plus 2% per month, compounded monthly, until such time as the HIRER has paid Compex in full.

In the event of the project being cancelled or postponed, for whatever reason after our appointment, less than 5 days prior to the event, the HIRER will be liable to pay Compex 50% of the quotation total, including any VAT payable, as a cancellation fee. Should Compex incur additional third party costs due to the cancellation, the HIRER will be liable for these costs.

It should be noted that Compex, its employees, contractors will be acting in good faith as a contractor to the organisers of the event, and will not be responsible for any financial or other liabilities incurred by the organisers in the hosting of the event.

Acceptance of this proposal indicates that the individual / company signing the acceptance of the proposal accepts the full financial obligation to Compex in the full amount of this contract, and that this liability will only be discharged once Compex has received payment in full for such services, regardless whether or not such payment has already been made to any other third part

It is expected that the HIRER will supply an on-site medic for duration on the event, inclusive of build-up and strike.

The HIRER is to supply electrical services as well as electrical and structural certification if not included in this quote.

The HIRER is responsible to ensure that an adequate and suitable electrical supply is available in the required positions. If it is necessary to install electrical equipment, cabling or similar, all such amounts are for the account of the HIRER.

If adverse weather conditions or health and safety concerns prevents Compex erecting equipment and the HIRER insists on installation, the HIRER will be held accountable for any damages to the equipment or additional costs.

Should Compex decline to install equipment due to weather conditions or health and safety concerns, the HIRER will remain liable for the full payment as quoted.

The HIRER is responsible to ensure that any necessary sound checks, may be performed as appropriate and within sufficient time.


This proposal is only valid for twenty-one (21) days.


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