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Getting your brand (be it for organisers or exhibitors) noticed doesn’t have to be as picture3complicated as everyone thinks. More often than not it’s about doing things slightly differently and attracting the attention of your intended target audience.

Our graphics department is one of our teams that thrives on sleepless nights and many a cup of coffee. When your artwork is late; these are the guys who ensure printing and sewing machines are running at all hours of the night, to ensure delivery and subsequent installation take place (it’s not ideal, but we’re realistic about this scenario). The graphics you decide to use on your exhibition stand or at your event are pivotal to not only brand identify but also communicating important information, such as directional signage.

We can print onto most materials and have a team of experts to help you decide what may be the best option, especially regarding colour use, application and possible re-use. We also have a team that focuses on creating artwork to help position your brand and messaging and dropping artwork into a stand so you can see exactly, what your stand will look like on-site.

Our catalogue offers a few standard branding and signage options to choose from, but we can custom make any branded item for you.


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Graphics 101

A few simple guidelines on how to design the perfect graphics for your stand!

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