Hiring Catalogue

Hiring Catalogue

So you’ve booked your stock-standard shell scheme exhibition package and have made a note to buy extra Prestik on your way home for the posters you intend to stick on your stand’s walls… Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for taking this approach, however, if you looking for options, you’ve come to the right place!

At Compex , we know that things change and we also value that all our customers are fabulously unique. Some of you may just want a simple cocktail table and chairs, whereas others may require a flat screen, a customised counter, a coffee table, a sofa and a beautiful orchid (with a fridge and storage space, just in case), not to worry, our team has you covered!

We’ve set out this catalogue to help you, pick the right tool for the job. To get started click download, choose what you need or may want to enquire about and get hold of our head of Site Services, Yolisa, and we can guarantee that she will work her magic and make it all come together.