At Compex, we aren’t just Exhibition Stand Manufacturers - we’re more about making your life easier!

Our doors as exhibition stand manufacturers opened some two-plus decades ago, so we know our stuff especially when it comes to the events and exhibition industry! This being said, we still embrace the notion that we’re never too old to learn new moves, set new goals or dream new dreams!

Where others see obstacles, we also see obstacles (we’re not blind, you know?). However, we make a plan & get over it or disguise it with a lovely pot plant (metaphorically speaking and with your permission of course).

Oops…we almost got side tracked, let’s get back to exactly how we go about making your life easier.

Thanks to pencil sketches, cheap office coffee, one huge open plan warehouse (which we call our home), many a brainstorm & well to be honest with you, much more detail, process and debate than we care to worry you about … our highly experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, talented (okay, you get the point) team, get to work to find the best possible event or exhibition solution, tailor-made just for you and your needs.


We EMBRACE and cultivate family values
We PLEDGE to work safely and go home safe
We INSPIRE through quality customer experiences
We DELIVER excellence, always
We LEAD by taking ownership and responsibility
We ACT with integrity