Compex Announces Expansion Plans in The United Kingdom


Compex Pty Ltd, a leading South African based Exhibition and Event Infrastructure company, today announced that the company has been granted a license to operate in the United Kingdom and will open a second office in London. On the back of continued strong growth, Compex has seen a significant increase in contracts from international clients, which led to the exploration of expansion opportunities.

Nicole East, Compex’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Our expansion into the United Kingdom marks a milestone moment in the continued growth of Compex, that not only will support our long-term plans for the business but also positively contribute to the growth of the South African exhibition industry. It is envisioned that the South African operations will work very closely and collaboratively with the London office, providing customers new and old with the continued service they have come to know from our company.”

Through research and collaboration with partners in the UK, it’s believed that the prospect of expansion will provide undeniable learning and growth opportunities for the whole Compex team and further ensure that the firm is better equipped and located to service not only the United Kingdom but also European and Middle East regions.

The United Kingdom represents an established exhibition industry attracting over 3 million visitors each year and generating £11.0 billion in spend ¹. The Global Association for the Exhibition Industry (UFI, 2018) ² mirrored these statistics, recently reporting that exhibition companies surveyed in the United Kingdom had an increase in turnover during 2018 and predicted that the first quarter of 2019 would see similar results, boding well for the establishment of a new regional office.

Compex Director, Dean Gunningham will lead the expansion and manage the London office, including the hiring of new staff and the collaboration with suppliers and customers. Being a Director of the business, Dean will still strategically support South African operations and frequently travel between both countries.

“Compex is well positioned to now explore growth internationally, and we are excited about the prospects of supporting customers holding trade shows or exhibiting in South Africa and also creating a brand presence in the United Kingdom. I am enthusiastic about this new venture for the business, and the opportunity that exists from a growth and knowledge-sharing perspective. We strongly believe that we need to continue to engage and assist companies with their face-to-face marketing efforts, and our exhibition professionals remain passionate about designing, building and delivering powerful experiences that ensure our customers tell their story, promote their brand, grow their business and STAND out!” said Dean.



To learn more about our expansion plans or service offering, please contact:


Nicole East – Chief Operating Officer


Mobile: 0027 82 857 3762


Dean Gunningham – Director


SA Mobile: 0027 84 909 6969

UK Mobile: 0044 753 578 3387


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² UFI_Global_Exhibition_Barometer_report21. (2018). The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Sep. 2018].