The Importance of Colour Use When Exhibiting

the importance of colour in expo stand design

Colour plays a significant role in the design of an event. Complementing your logo, signage, message and marketing material, the incorporation of colour can attract people to your exhibition stand, influence buying decisions, create a sense of calmness or one of urgency, help to forge a connection to your brand and even affect how people see your business.

To understand how powerful colour can be, it helps to get a better idea of how colours are perceived. This will help you determine the best colours to use to complement your efforts and entice the emotions you are aiming to encourage.

Why Colour is a Key Component of exhibition planning

Different colours cause different reactions. The following colours and their psychological meanings will be useful in deciding how to use colour at your next event or exhibition.

  • Red is an action colour that triggers excitement and creates a sense of urgency. This colour is good for sales and seasonal events, as well as at food stands. You can use this colour to draw attention to exclusive offers and time limited products or services.
  • Blue is a masculine colour that is associated with peace, calm, reliability and security. This colour is good for building trust, and is often used by brands who are aiming to instil a sense of security. You could use this to position stability and the reliability of a service or product.
  • Green is often used by businesses who want to be associated with natural, environmental, health and wellbeing factors. This colour can help to relax customers, highlight eco-friendly products or services, foster a sense of balance and create harmony within your stand.
  • Purple is a bold colour that is often associated with richness, royalty, wisdom, respect and creativity. It is often used by beauty and skincare brands, and can be useful for FAQ and other documents such as surveys and brochures, as it helps draw attention and interest.
  • Orange & Yellow are both bright, cheerful colours that are optimistic. These colours should be used carefully to create a sense of happiness that draws in impulse buyers and browsers to your stand.
  • Black is associated with power, stability, strength, authority and intelligence. It should be used sparingly in details rather than as the primary colour, as too much black can be and off-putting.
  • Grey is associated with practicality, old age and solidarity. Be careful when using this colour however. Too much grey can trigger feelings of boredom, nothingness and despair. Grey is effective when paired with brighter colours.
  • White meanwhile symbolises purity, safety, cleanliness and neutrality. White space is often good for sparking creativity, as it gives the illusion of a clean slate. Be cautious as it can be overwhelming if too much is used in one space.

It is always worth noting that you should use selected colours sparingly in your design and ensure they complement not only each other but also elements such as your logo and graphics. Bringing in shades of red to position a sale on products, for example, can be extremely useful, while using shades of green against a white background is great for eco focused exhibitions. Likewise, you could use hints of blue in signage or even in your event furniture if your business relies on trust to influence attendee perceptions. Contrasts help to prevent eye strain and allow customers to focus more easily, this should be considered when planning your stands layout.

To find out more about how colours can influence the design of your exhibition stand, contact the Compex team for an obligation free consultation and design proposal that incorporates everything you need to STAND out and make an impression.