Why Exhibition Stands Need to Support Consistent Branding

consistent branding and its importance in expo stand design

We know that every element of your brand will contribute to how people view your business. Brand Engagement often uses several methods that help establish connections in the world of events and exhibitions and a cohesive brand can make all the difference to how well you do and how others perceive you.

Beautifully designed exhibition stands are not only there to look pretty. They also need to ensure consistency and favourable business outcomes by relating to your other marketing efforts.

To get a better idea of why consistency is key when it comes to exhibition stands and design, consider the following points.

Consistent, repeated, branding enforces your messaging.

Your branding sends a message to event guests on a deeper level than you may realise. Every stand, brochure, slogan, signage, employee, demonstration and audio visual display sends a subtly message to your audience. You are demonstrating what to expect from your brand and this message needs to be the same. When you have a beautiful branded stand, but plain brochures, staff without uniforms, slogans that do not seem to fit in, and audio visuals that are completely out of tune with the look and feel of your stand, the result is a fractured message.

As such, brand consistency is essential for event marketing. When you have consistency, your brand becomes synonymous with your products and services. This makes it easier for an instant connection to be made when customers see your logo.

Consistent branding bolsters your reputation.

At the same time, effective branding helps to build and grow your reputation. It is the interactions that people have with brands that help them develop opinions and ideas about your brand. A stand that is untidy and uninspiring will immediately put people off. If you have beautifully made brochures, you will likely still lose out on customers just from the impression your stand has made.

To create the right impression, the first time, and continue building on that impression, consistency is essential. This will allow you to build your reputation. It will also help your audience know what to expect from a company such as your own and help start creating connections with your business.

Consistent branding increases recognition.

Following on from reputation is recognition. Brand recognition does not happen overnight. It does not happen in a vacuum, either. Instead, it happens through consistent branding and cohesive messaging that pulls together your stand design, colours, slogans, marketing material, posters, audio visuals, social media and every other aspect of your marketing. Brand recognition is the thing that helps customers get to know you, and trust you. Once you achieve this, purchasing decisions can become more personal.

Consider this for a moment… if you purchase the same brand of breakfast cereal every week, it is most likely for a good reason. You may love the cereal of course, but you may also love the fact that you know you will always get the same level of quality every morning. Brand loyalty is why people favour one product over another. It is what separates fad products from beloved products that never go out of style. In the often-competitive events industry, loyalty can make all the difference in how people interact with you on your stand as well as post event.

How can you be sure that your branding is consistent? For starters, know your brand and the corporate identity guidelines, then plan an integrated approach to your exhibiting experience and finally you can contact Compex for an obligation free consultation and design proposal that incorporates everything you need to STAND out and make an impression.