5 Key Elements to Consider When Designing Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stand design is far more complex than you may think. If you assumed that stand design only included the outer shell, think again. In reality, exhibition stand design is a holistic process that includes graphics, signage and audio visual technology. Essentially, exhibiting is a marketing mechanism aimed at reaching customers in a way that leaves a lasting impression and ensures future business. If you focus purely on the basics, you may end up losing out on the opportunity to make an impression.

Visitors to an exhibiting event will make up their minds on whether to visit a stand in a matter of seconds. It has therefore never been more important for companies to stand out in the highly competitive world of exhibiting. In order to understand how many facets contribute towards a successful stand, it is useful to consider the some of the most vital elements required for exhibition stand design.

Vital Elements of Exhibition Stand Design

Which factors are vital for effective exhibition stand design? Let’s take a look…

  • Space. Space, or rather, how you use space, is easily one of the most important elements of any exhibition stand. Many exhibitors have elaborated plans and designs, only to realise that they have not considered the allocated floor space or height Your stand type will depend on the venue, size of your allocated space or whether it is indoors or outdoors.
  • Selection. The next thing you will need to think about once you have a clear idea of your requirements and budget is the type of stand you will use. There are many different types, each offering their own features. Your selection should always be made according to what is most practical and visually attractive, as well as what type of stand is best for your products and the venue in question.
  • Messaging. Without clear, consistent messaging that is brought across through your stand artwork and marketing material, there is no point to exhibiting at all. As such, messaging plays a highly important part in the process, ensuring that you are able to align your goals and provide visitors with the best possible branding experience.
  • Typography. Going hand in hand with messaging, typography is also something that plays a role in how you connect with your audience. Signage that is hard to read will not be read. It really is that simple… if you want to attract (and keep) show visitors’ attention, you will need to use easy to read fonts that can be understood from far away and up close. Remember your brand’s guidelines, which should include the typography type are essential in terms of creating a consistent look and feel.
  • Audio Visual Components. Finally, working hand in hand with your messaging and artwork is the audio visual requirements you may want use to support your Corporate videos, sound effects, subtle music in the background or the requirement to make announcements, should all be considered when planning your design.

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