Global Exhibitions Day 2017

Launched by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, Global Exhibitions Day 2017 (#GED17) brings together brands, consumers, companies and exhibition specialists for a unique celebration of the exhibition industry.

The very first global GED event took place at the start of June 2016. The event mobilised thousands of industry professionals from 60 countries, including South Africa. The aim of GED is to connect the global exhibition industry to raise awareness about the massive value offered by exhibitions, while also celebrating the professionals who make the industry a success, and promoting the many unique opportunities offered by this thriving industry. The many positive benefits of the industry are highlighted through a series of events taking place across the world, from impact on jobs, business and innovation to local investment potential. The GED event is expected to achieve even more of an impact this year, as exhibition suppliers, organisers, brands, companies, local partners, public authorities and even venues and students join the celebrations online and through various events taking place across the globe.

Talking of the event and its reach, Dr Andreas Gruchow, president of UFI, stated that, “UFI is calling on everyone working in exhibitions and trade shows to take part in Global Exhibitions Day on 7 June, and share their initiatives loud and proud. In 2016, the inaugural GED brought our worldwide industry together for the first time ever to promote the value of exhibitions. It created a real buzz, and GED17 will be even bigger: it’s an exciting joint global effort that looks set to grow every year.”

This year’s theme for #GED17 is ‘Think Global, Act Local’. The theme aims to put a focus onto the human aspect of exhibitions, highlighting the many unique opportunities, jobs, interactions, and investments created by the industry all over the world.

Why We Are Supporting Global Exhibitions Day

Global Exhibitions Day offers the chance for companies and brands to celebrate the diverse opportunities offered by the always growing exhibition industry.

UFI estimates that over 260 million visitors and 4.4 million exhibitors attend exhibitions each year. International figures show that exhibitions have a high return on investment. For every Euro spent, exhibitors will receive two Euros in return by the end of the show on average, with eight Euros in return within three to ten months after the show. Around 98 billion Euros are spent by visitors and companies going to exhibitions every year. Around half of this total spend benefits the industry directly, while the other half benefits the tourism sector. From a job creation point of view, UFI estimates that around 680 000 full time equivalent jobs are created in various industries.

Why exactly is the exhibitions industry so successful? The following benefits highlight just how much this industry has to offer…

  • Exhibitions can be hosted everywhere and anywhere. Whether taking place in a tiny café or a large scale conference venue, exhibitions can be hosted anywhere on the planet. There are trade shows taking place at any given time, at any given venue. This creates opportunity for a diversity of businesses – no matter how small.
  • Exhibitions attract customers. Internationally, there are over 250 million visitors flocking to major trade shows every single year. Even smaller expos attract customers. Due to the ability that exhibitions have to provide a face-to-face brand experience for visitors, they continue to be well-attended.
  • Exhibitions support local economies. In addition to generating a great deal of business for companies, brands, organisers, venues and the industry as a whole, exhibitions also help to create jobs. In countries such as South Africa with a high rate of unemployment, the exhibitions industry and events such as Global Exhibitions Day help to boost the economy, providing sustainable growth.

For more information on #GED17, visit the official UFI Global Exhibitions Day page.

Here at Compex, we are passionate about the exhibition industry and what it has to offer. We will be celebrating Global Exhibitions Day 2017, and we invite our clients and supporters to join us as we put the exhibition industry in the spotlight.