Do I Really Have to Invest in Event Infrastructure?

marquee tent as part of event infrastrcuture

While there are many ingredients that make up a successful event, the one ingredient that cannot be left out is event infrastructure. If décor, music and entertainment are seen as the bells and whistles of any event, infrastructure could be considered to be the nuts and bolts. For those who feel that it is a waste of resources to invest in sufficient infrastructure, it may seem more important to invest in the details that have more obvious impact – light shows, DJs, unique décor or a celebrity chef offering a designer menu.

There is no doubt that all of these will further enhance your event. But, without the basic infrastructure in place, your event may not run as smoothly as it should.

Top Reasons to Invest in Event Infrastructure

Event infrastructure includes a wide variety of equipment and items that are often treated as an after-thought. These behind-the-scenes elements include shell scheme and other stands, marquees, floors, staging, portable toilets, electrical fittings, generators, containers, furniture, dustbins, fridges, and even picket fences. Without these basic elements, guests will quickly notice that key items are lacking. This in turn can have a huge impact on your event’s success.

Some of the biggest reasons to invest in event infrastructure include the following:

  • It brings everything together. Whether you are planning a private function or organising a global conference or trade show, or even a one-time promotional event, infrastructure is the glue that holds everything together. Air-conditioners, toilets, generators, lighting, fences and the various other items needed in the course of the event are all meant to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. One of the worst things to happen to any event organiser is a lack of power, no ablutions for guests, no heating or cooling or that other essential items that are missing.
  • It sends the right message to guests. In the end, as much as guests remember extra touches, they are far more likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. Even the smallest behind-the-scenes detail can make or break an event. Imagine how guests would respond if drinks were served warm due to a lack of fridge, or how they would react if there was no back-up generator to keep the festivities going during a power failure. Efficient planning means making sure that every last possible element is in place, from the stand to the lighting and even the marquee.
  • It keeps guests safe. Another reason to invest in well-made infrastructure that is sourced from a reputable, reliable event company is that it keeps your guests safe throughout the event. Temporary flooring, structures, proper electrical fittings, toilets that are not a health risk, and furniture that will not break are all integral parts of any function. By trying to cut costs and getting the cheapest infrastructure you can find, you run the risk of losing far more than your reputation. Investing in infrastructure provided by a trusted supplier who will be able to deliver quality products, and ensure guest satisfaction is crucial to the outcome of any event or exhibition.

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