Space is an opportunity, but the experience is up to you

Having space is becoming more and more of a privilege.

As populations grow, this privilege, particularly in cities is being challenged by how much we can or cannot do in the available space.

It’s not so different in the event and exhibition arena. After all, we know and expect to pay for the space we need or use.

It is the starting point for all your planning and organising and whether you have too much space or too little, you need to make it work.

People; organisers, venues, suppliers and clients should be realistic about what can and can’t be done in the provided area, and collaborate to ensure a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious event is delivered. The vision for the space available has to be shared and the deliveriables agreed upon . Too much space and you get the wrong ambience or the perception that not enough attendees arrived. Too little space and the atmosphere can appear claustrophobic, cramped, unorganised and complicated.

What’s more, space planning, people movement patterns, audio visual requirements, aisle width, height restrictions and emergency exits all play an equally vital role in the overall outcome.

Fear not, however, because usually when challenged to think creatively and ‘out of the box’, you will, and you do. When space is limited, there are many ways to reinvent the experience. For example, ensuring your conference still has an accompanying exhibition, even if it’s in the hotel’s parking lot.

First and foremost, when considering space requirements, choose a venue that is appropriate for your needs.

For smaller events, a more intimate venue may be best suited for your event. For larger events, a venue that can offer ample space with breakaway rooms, plenty of parking, accommodation and outside space may be better suited for your agenda and engagements. Alternatively, a large field or park and can accommodate outdoor infrastructure that is uniquely versatile, and with just a little extra planning and creativity, you may get a different experience or one that is more suited to the target audience or type of event you are organising.

Nowadays, collecting data generated from exhibitions and events can give you substantial information, in fact, it’s essential, and will help you plan better, utilise space better, understand the visitor pattern better and untimely control costs better. By reflecting on such information, you can create a high-quality experience in the right space and build your company’s brand in the process.

It turns out that space is in fact an opportunity, but the venue, research and experience is up to you.