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Custom designed stands

Handcrafted from the ground-up, our custom stands are designed to be flexible yet transform an exhibition space into an experience that engages, and delights attendees.

Inspiring designs

Our in-house design team ensures that the stand design represents your brand and corporate identity, whether you opt for a custom or modular stand type.

Container conversions

Whether you need a temporary office space on a construction site, or want to open a new business but don’t have the space, our shipping container solutions are what you need!

System design stands

A system design stand is incredibly versatile and because it's made of aluminium it ensures that high disposable costs are unnecessary.

Lights, camera, action!

The lighting, sound and power solutions at any event or exhibition play a crucial role in the type of experience, atmosphere and overall appearance created.

Want to stand out from the crowd?


Compex is a purpose driven business whose core focus is on the happiness of our customers through the creation of shared value, beautiful designs and total craftsmanship.

We know the only way to grow and develop our brand is through collaborating (chatting, emailing, brainstorming, idea generating, whatsapping and sipping tea or coffee) with the people who engage daily with our business. This is why our vision is to become the leading (most kick-ass) exhibition and event infrastructure service provider in southern Africa by creating shared value for all our stakeholders (yes, that’s right, that’s all of you).



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What Our Clients Think

After every exhibition that Compex builds  for me, I have to take time out to find the words that sufficiently THANK and describe the overall EXPERIENCE.  And I use the word EXPERIENCE because that’s exactly what it is – it’s not just a job that gets done – the process is an EXPERIENCE from start to finish and each time it’s FLAWLESS, PROFESSIONAL AND CUSTOMER-DRIVEN.

There’s no doubt that Compex is one of the very few service providers that I have the privilege to work with, where every team member is customer-driven and service focused and delivers LEGENDARY SERVICE EVERY TIME.  That’s a tall order, and yet Compex manage to do it EVERY TIME.

Rene Brummage


We would like to thank you for your professional service and the fact that you delivered what we requested in such short time frame.

The stand worked perfectly for our needs and looked clean & clinical as we prefer.

Arona Orffer


First and foremost a HUGE thank you to you and your team for an exceptionally well run exhibition at the SASOG Congress 2016.

I have received nothing but compliments from the industry.  THANK YOU! Yolisa was professional and friendly at all times, nothing was ever too much for her.  She made my life easy as a congress organiser.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Yolisa.

So, an enormous thank you Yolisa for all you did to make our SASOG Congress exhibition so spectacular – Compex is fortunate to have staff of your calibre! My colleagues and I only have high praise for Emmanuel, Emmanuel was always polite, attentive, highly professional and really a pleasure to work with. The service Emmanuel provided was nothing short of amazing.  His knowledge was unsurpassed!

Yvonne Fernandes


Just a quick long overdue note to say thank you very much for all you and your company for us at the event to get our stand exactly the way we wanted it.

We really were impressed with your great service and flexibility to suit our needs.

We really appreciate it and I am looking forward to dealing with you again in the future and this event and possibly others.


Colin de Bruyn

Gundle GeoSynthetics (Pty) Ltd

Hi there!

Can’t believe that it is already a week since the conference. I still feel like I am going through withdrawal symptoms, but this e-mail is now long overdue.

In reflecting on what has been another very successful conference, I cannot help but feel proud at what we have collectively been able to achieve. I have had so many people come to me and say that they really enjoyed the conference. Helmut, one of the founders of the Institute, told me that he thought that this one was our best conference to date. The Chairman of the global board told me that she thought that our conference was the best one she has ever attended. This coming from a woman who has attended a lot of regional and international conferences in the so called developed world. I think that we can be proud of what we have been able to achieve.

As for our dinner…sjoe! Best ever!

Despite challenges such as capacity, economic uncertainty and the like, we still managed to outdo ourselves. And when I say we, I mean everybody, whether you were directly involved in the preparations or contributed indirectly by ensuring that everything else behind the scenes were running smoothly. In addition, when I say we, I also include those who are not be employed by the Institute, but are part of our extended conference family.

A friend of mine told me that during the conference he was surprised to hear how calm and almost nonchalant I was. My response was that it is easy not to worry when you know that every team members is doing their best to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When I think of you all, I do so with gratitude in my heart. Thank you for giving your best. A special thank you to those who stayed back at the ranch and kept the fire burning. Thank you for pulling together into one collective and making the event a special one for our members. We will never know just how many lives we have impacted upon with our conference and how far what they have learned will reverberate through the South African landscape. All we need to know is that we have made a difference.

Looking forward to the next one – if only to watch you all pull together and create another masterpiece.

PS. Let us not forget that this was our 10th year at the SCC. I know some of our other suppliers had been as long or almost as long with us. Only good relationships last that long.


Dr Claudelle von Eck

The Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa (IIA SA)